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Painting for me is an adventure. Always searching for the essence, grasping for the person or animal in question. I paint generously, using all possible colors and mixed media and to the fullest!

About me

After having been a self-taught painter for some time, I then started at the Academy of Fine Arts in Arendonk, Belgium in 2009. I finished the academy in 2015, having specialized in Model and Portrait. At the moment I am doing an intensive one year Mastery Program at the Milan Art Institute.

I love to combine different styles and mediums and paint from the gut, listening to loud music! I use everything I can get my hands on, spraypaint, markers, inks, gold leaf, acrylics, collage, etc. but I always like to finish in oils.

"How creativity flows when emotions are involved…"

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Studio Sassoferrato, Italy

I have been living mainly in Italy (Le Marche) since 2016. This change of scenery is, for me, very inspiring. All these different colors, scents, impressions and emotions are like fuel to my creativity!

My work has become more intense, more free and much more colorful since living partly in Italy.

On commission

Besides self inspired work, I also partly work on commission. For example a portrait of yourself, your pet or a famous person.

Would you like to know more? Please ask your questions through contact!
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Exhibitions/Art Fairs

Year 2021
Kromatic@rt, MADS Milano, Italië,22 jan-5 feb 2021 https://www.madsmilano.com
Year 2020
Hilton Leiden, Nederland, aug-dec 2020

Hilton Stockholm, Zweden, aug-dec 2020

Hilton Dresden, Duitsland, aug-dec 2020

Brabant Art Fair, Grote Kerk, Breda, augustus 2020 https://www.brabantartfair.nl
Year 2019
EuropArtFair, Westergasfabriek Amsterdam, december 2019 https://www.europartfair.com

Landelijk Atelierweekend, eigen atelier Westelbeers, nov 2019 https://www.landelijkatelierweekend.nl

Nationale Kunstdagen, Beursgebouw Nieuwegein, nov 2019 https://www.kunstdagen.nl

Cantina Terracruda, Fratterosa, Italië, juni-oktober 2019, https://www.terracruda.it

Bianca&Boogie, een avond met kunst, muziek en dans bij Cantina Terracruda, Fratterosa, Italia, 26 juli 2019
Year 2017
Intenso, Dutch Art Meets Sassoferrato, Sassoferrato, Italië, aug 2017
Year 2014
Kunstroute Oirschot, eigen atelier in Westelbeers, 2014
Year 2013
Bianca Lever, gemeentehuis Eersel, 2013

Kunst uit Westelbeers, 't Oude Kerkje, Middelbeers, januari 2013
Year 2012
Kunstroute Oirschot, eigen atelier in Westelbeers, 2012

Expositie Amateurkunst Oirschot, Museum Kruysenhuis en Museum de Vier Quartieren, Oirschot, 2012

Artistiek Naakt, Marrin Fashion & Art, Eersel, 2012
Year 2011
Nationale Kunstjaarbeurs Amsterdam, World Fashion Centre Amsterdam, 2011

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