An exhibition at The Terracruda Winery in Fratterosa!

 A few weeks ago my husband and I went to The Terracruda Winery in Fratterosa to buy wine for friends of ours in The Netherlands. We were welcomed by Luca and Maria, the son and daughter of the owner. We told them we came to buy wine for our friends, passed over their greetings and placed their order, looking around at the beautiful cantina with a breathtaking view over the valley. As soon as they realized we were not familiar with their wines ourselves they insisted we had to try some of them. Before we knew what was happening we were seated at a table, tasting several wines and listening to the stories about each and every one of them. Delicious local Pecorino cheese came to the table and fresh Italian bread with absolutely delicious olive oil, all becoming very festive!!! It was ten o'clock in the morning by the way! :-)

The wine was dangerously good! We especially liked the white wines and the proseccos. Needless to say that at the end of this very cheerful get together we too had seriously stocked up!

When I mentioned that I was a painter I was inmediately invited to come back another time to discuss the possibilities of an exhibition at their beautiful cantina, what a perfect space for an exhibition! Last week I returned, bringing along one of my latest paintings out of a new series, inspired by Summer Jamboree, the swingdance festival of Senigallia. We decided that we would continue on the theme Summer Jamboree and exhibit five big works from the same series. The energy of these works suits Terracruda perfectly! It's colurful, intense and energetic! And so it goes when you go with the flow… 😊 The exhibition will start end of June and will last until November. Come and see the exhibition and discover the wonderful wines of Terracruda!

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