Summer is coming...

Summer is coming...

The other day it was that time of the year for our six month stay in sunny Sassoferrato in Le Marche, Italy. In the hills of the Appenines and just 40 km from the east coast we have created our own little paradise where life goes down one gear and the view is to die for.

Easter Monday my husband Norbert and I got in our bright orange jeep together with our dog, the trunk loaded with painting gear, books and typical Dutch provisions, to drive towards our second home in Italy all in one go.

The smell of rosemary and lavender, the silence and the view over the valley. Delicious meals at 'our' restaurant La Collina da Biducci, 600 meters down the track, where mamma Maria is in charge of the kitchen. Friday morning market in Sassoferrato with the busy Italian chatter and the delicious scent of Italian coffee from the bars. Catching up with our friends while enjoying a lovely cold glass of Verdicchio. Summer festivals like Summer Jamboree. And of course painting till I drop. My hands itch, I am bursting with ideas and over here I have all the time in the world to do so! How great is that!

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