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Bianca Lever voor schilderij
Fierce Frequency
Cheetahs gaze

“Art that invites you to be authentic and to live your life with arms wide open!”

-Bianca Lever

Empower yourself with art that seeks to energize and uplift, to resonate with the curious
adventure seekers who want to love deeply, live life to the fullest, and dare to be!


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“Explosion of colour and expression”
“I am lucky enough to own two of Bianca Lever’s paintings. With the different techniques she creates paintings that are an explosion of colour and expression and very outspoken, just like she is. Apart from that she is a fantastic and talented artist and a fantastic and beautiful human being!”
– Anki
“Her work inspires me again and again”
“Bianca’s work is passionate, powerful and expressive. She is a great personality and a driven artist. Also, she has the ability to continue to develop and innovate, while her style remains unmistakably ‘Bianca’. Her work inspires me again and again and I consider myself lucky to be able to admire it in my home!”
– Tineke
“Art that really makes a statement”
“Amazing Artwork that really makes a statement and dresses up your room. Bianca always manages to capture the energy in the paintings perfectly, leaving you captivated for hours. The lifelike paintings in contrast with the statement background are a guaranteed conversation starter. I have the honor of dressing my walls with “Pink Neon”. Everytime someone enters my home, they compiment the skill and style of the painting, it is trully the main piece in my living room. Thank you Bianca for the beautiful painting, it is an honor to have one of your paintings in my house!”
– Lilly
“The eyes are the window to the soul”
““The eyes are the windows to the soul”. I am fortunate to have two of Bianca’s paintings. The first is of one of my much loved, (but completely crazy) dogs. She captured his essence perfectly as he gazes at the viewer. The other is this portrait of a shy “Hare in the fields”. I fell in love with his bashful charm as soon as I saw the first draft. She has the ability to realistically portray the spirit of her subjects, whether animal or human, whilst creating backdrops to highlight them.”
– Debbie
“We’re very happy with our art zoo!”
“We were so happy to get one of Bianca’s paintings as a thank you. She painted a beautiful Wild Dog that is now framed and hanging in our living room. When Bianca visited us in Kenya she made a photograph of a monkey on Mount Elgon. This monkey she painted in the same style as the Wild Dog. As we loved her painting so much we also bought the monkey! Her communication is quick and easy. Great artist with great skills, we highly recommend Bianca. We are very happy with our new art-zoo! Thanks Bianca!”
– Hanneke
“The painting got a prominent place”
“In 2021, I wanted to surprise my wife with a very special gift for Valentine’s Day. As I lived in Denmark at that time and Bianca in Italy, it all started with sending her pictures of my wife. Through several pleasant telephone calls, we came to the conclusion which picture she would use to paint my wife. Once it had arrived at our home, I was blown away how Bianca “caught” my wife on canvass. My wife was flabbergasted and happy. The painting got a prominent place in our home in Denmark and also in our new home in The Netherlands after we moved back. I can wholeheartedly recommend Bianca for personal portraits.”
– Hans
“Full of passion, love and enthousiasm”
“What beautiful and colourful paintings Bianca makes! Full of passion, love and thousiasm for her work and that is certainly reflected in her paintings. That’s is why I am really happy to have “Raven” on the wall of my house!”
– Kayleigh
“The viewer is touched”
“A greatly inspiring artist. A painter who shapes the works from her heart in an extremely personal way. The viewer is touched by the balanced palette. Oh yes …. she is also a very nice woman!
– Walther
“A perfect fit for skin salon Arianne”
“Since 2 years we have a beautiful painting of Bianca on our wall. A perfect fit for skin salon Arianne. Bianca is full enthousiasm en you can clearly see that painting is her passion.”
– Arianne
“So happy with it!”
“Bianca made a beautiful painting for me. The intensity and colors splash off the canvas! So happy with it!”
– Ilse
“Our family is the proud owner of three paintings of Bianca”
“I met Bianca more than 30 years ago and I remember she started painting out of the blue. After she graduated at the ‘Academie voor Schone Kunsten’ in Belgium she became a professional painter and made, and still makes, the most beautiful paintings. Every time I see a new painting of her I’m surprised by the talent she has and the diversity of paintings she makes. Colorful, expressive and unique. Our family is the proud owner of three paintings of Bianca and we’re very, very happy with them!”
– Lizette
Hopefully another painting will follow soon!
“I am very impressed with Bianca’s painting skills. I have seen her skills grow so much since she started paint. A lot of paintings she created I recognize as (animals of) friends, that is very special. Bianca is not afraid to try new methods or go into very much detail, and that makes it worth to look at every work she creates. I’m so fortunate to have one of her beautiful paintings hanging in my living room! Thank you so much Bianca! Hopefully another painting will follow soon :-)”
– Rob
“Every time I look at it I feel a smile appear”
“After the premature passing of our dearly beloved dog Babs Bianca made a painting of her and immortalized her in an unforgettable way. It hangs in a prominent spot in our living room and every time I look at it I feel a smile appear! Dear Bi, thank you for keeping the memory of our beloved Babs alive. Also, she made a very characteristic portrait of my husband, without him posing by the way, it was a surprise. I find that incredibly clever of her, how she can make a portrait this striking just from a photo. Her portraits are fascinatingly good!”
– Carina
“Top of the bill!”
“Top of the bill! An absolute must!”
– Mark
“Her new series/style is very cool and powerful!”
“Some time ago my friend gave me a painting of my cat, painted by Bianca. The way she captured the character of the little one is really special and partly duet o the colorful background it cheers me up every day. Her new series/style (oil over mixed media) is very cool and powerful!”
– Pam
“My daughter beautifully rendered”
“I got a surprisingly beautiful birthdaygift from my wife! My daughter beautifully rendered by the hand of Bi…”
– Fred
“I’m still impressed every time I look at it”
“An original “Bi” has been hanging in our livingroom since 2019 and I’m still impressed every time I look at it.”
– Marc
“Every time I see something new”
“Bianca, I have been following you for quite some time and I have one of your creations hanging on my wall. You keep sparkling and developping. Every time I see something new. I can really enjoy looking at your work. From black and white to color and so much more. A must to show people the way to Bianca’s art.”
– Marianne

    About the artist

    Ciao! I’m Bianca, an internationally renowned creator of uplifting, contemporary art, a published artist, and an unbridled free spirit.

    My artistic journey began later in life after an exhilarating career in aviation that took me around the globe. When our two incredible sons left the nest, my husband and I made the bold decision to swap the Netherlands for the sun-kissed landscapes of Italy. We found our sanctuary in the picturesque hills of Le Marche, nestled in the hills of the Apennines.

    This move was a true turning point, sparking my passion for pursuing a full-time career as an artist. My mission is to create art that inspires fellow free spirits to chase their dreams, love deeply, and live life to the fullest.

    Choosing this path has been one of the best decisions of my life! Every day, I wake up with immense gratitude for the incredible life I’ve created, surrounded by beauty and creativity.
    Bianca Lever voor schilderij

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