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By painting realistic figures on playful, abstract backgrounds, Lever combines different styles, finding the magic in this fusion. Her colorful, energizing paintings invite you to celebrate life to its full potential!

Artist Statement

I create art the same way I create my life; curious, positive, and exploring all possibilities. I strongly believe that life is what we make of it when we accept our truest selves and are open to change and new opportunities.

My art process is based on this life philosophy. I use traditional techniques alongside more contemporary ones, finding the magic in this fusion. Using mixed media like spray paint, acrylics, inks, collage, and metal leaf but always finishing in oils to make the figures ‘pop’. I love contrasts in colors and in styles, combining refinement with roughness, embracing both without judgment.

I have a deep love for people and animals, always finding inspiration in them. Working in series gives me focus and direction.

My work seeks to energize and uplift, to resonate with the free spirits who want to love deeply and live life to the fullest. To help remind us that this is what life is all about.

“Live your life with arms wide open!”


Growing up in the metropolis and governmental city of The Hague in the Netherlands as well as a career in aviation are clear and strong influences on the work of international selling artist Bianca Lever. She discovered her passion for art later in life as if all those experiences were looking for a creative way out. Thus leading to getting an art degree and pursuing a career in Art.

The way she creates her art reflects how she lives her life. It is just as filled with contrasts and looking for new possibilities, evolving and developing her style. She loves her time alone in her studio with the serene view of the Italian hills but loves to fill her Italian country home with family and friends from all over the world just as much. Visit the beautiful, artsy, Italian towns, eat the mouth-watering Italian food, and drink the best local wines with them. Solitude and companionship, yin and yang, opposites that attract, just as they do in her paintings. 




Since 2020, every year Bianca’s work has been published in the prestigious Dutch Artists Yearbook, in which 160 Dutch visual artists are presented. 

Jaarboek Kunstenaars 2023

Jaarboek Kunstenaars 2023 p.1,2

Jaarboek Kunstenaars 2023, p.3

Jaarboek Kunstenaars 2022

Jaarboek Kunstenaars 2022 p.1,2

Jaarboek Kunstenaars 2022 p.3,4

Jaarboek Kunstenaars 2021 p.1,2

Jaarboek Kunstenaars 2020, p.1,2

Jaarboek Kunstenaars 2020

ART GUIDE 2022, 2023

Published by Fransastic

Art Guide Antwerpen

Art Guide Artists


Pleasure and Passion, 2 minute presentation on Dutch television RTL4, 3 broadcasts in 2021. Watch video


Interview January 21th 2023,

Exhibitions/Art Fairs

Year 2024

‘Manifesti Amo Sassoferrato’, a group exhibition of shop window art in Sassoferrato, Italy, ongoing

‘Milan Art Retreats’, group exhibition at B&B Aria di Rodi on Rhodes, Greece, June 20 2024

‘Wild & Sassy’, solo exhibition of my Stay Wild Collection and my Sassy Girls Collection at Ristoro Appennino, hotel/restaurant/wellness centre in Fabriano, Italy, June-October 2024

‘Icons & Animals’, solo exhibition of my Inspiring Icons Collection, Quirky Ravens Collection and Minis Stay Wild Collection’ at Borgo Belfiore, B&B in Arcevia, Italy, July-October 2024

Year 2023

‘Manifesti Amo Sassoferrato’, group exhibition shop window art in Sassoferrato, Italy, January 14th 2023-ongoing

‘Milan Art Exhibition’, group exhibition June 7th 2023 during a 2 weeks Milan Art Retreat, Aria di Rodi, Rhodes, Greece

‘Bianca Lever by Paul Meccanico’, 10 June 2023, Launch Art Bags ‘Sassy Girls’ and ‘Urban Wildlife’ in Sarnano with mini exhibition in Paul Meccanico Shop.

‘Stay Sassy’, solo exhibition of my Sassy Girls and Inspiring Icons collections at winery cantina Terracruda, Fratterosa, Italy, July 19th-August 31st 2023

TAIA International Art Fair Montefiore dell’Aso, Italy, 8-10 September 2023

Year 2022

‘Good Vibes’, solo-exhibition 10-16 August 2022, Chiesa di San Guiseppe, Sassoferrato, Italy

‘Fuori del Fango’, fund raising group-exhibition 26-11-2022/6-1-2023, Chiesa di San Giuseppe, Sassoferrato, Italy

Year 2021

Kromatic@rt group exhibition, MADS Milano, Italy, 22 January-5 February 2021

Year 2020

Hilton Leiden, Netherlands, group exhibition, Aug-Dec 2020

Hilton Stockholm, Sweden, group exhibition, Aug-Dec 2020

Hilton Dresden, Germany, group exhibition, Aug-Dec 2020

‘Brabant Art Fair’, Grote Kerk, Breda, August 2020

Year 2019

‘EuropArtFair’, Westergasfabriek Amsterdam, Netherlands, Dec 2019

‘Landelijk Atelierweekend’, studio Westelbeers, Netherlands, Nov 2019

‘Nationale Kunstdagen’, Beursgebouw Nieuwegein, Netherlands, Nov 2019

Solo-exhibition, Cantina Terracruda, Fratterosa, Italy, June-Oct 2019,

‘Bianca&Boogie’, an evening of art, music, food and wine at Cantina Terracruda, Fratterosa, Italy, 26 July 2019

Year 2017

Solo exhibition ‘Intenso’, Chiesa di San Guiseppe, Sassoferrato, Italy, 11-27 August 2017

Year 2014

‘Art route Oirschot’, studio Westelbeers, Netherlands, 2014

Year 2013

‘Bianca Lever’, city Hall Eersel, 2013

‘Art from Westelbeers’ group exhibition, ‘t Oude Kerkje, Middelbeers, Netherlands, January 2013

Year 2012

‘Art route Oirschot’, studio Westelbeers, Netherlands, 2012

‘Group-exhibition Oirschot, Museum Kruysenhuis and Museum de Vier Quartieren, Oirschot, Netherlands, 2012

‘Artistic Nude’ solo-exhibition, Marrin Fashion & Art, Eersel, Netherlands, 2012

Year 2011

‘Nationale Kunstjaarbeurs Amsterdam art fair’, World Fashion Centre Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2011

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