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  • 100x160x2,5cm – 39x63x0.98inch
  • Oil and pearl pen on canvas on a wooden frame
  • Original painting
  • Coated with gamvar gloss varnish
  • Equipped with a suspension system
  • Including Certificate of Authenticity
In the series ‘Inspiring Icons’ a painting of the ever so gorgeous Audrey Hepburn in the painting ‘Bubblicious’. The painting has a lot of texture since it is build up in multiple layers of oil paint. The jewelry was done in Pearl Pen, so it lays thick on the painting. The pink fluorescent stripes I added to underline Audrey’s ‘joie de vivre’, her fun and optimistic character. One of her famous uotes was:”I believe in pink”! The colours as well as the polkadots are typical for the fifties and give the painting a feel of retro and Pop-art mixed together. This painting took me a few month to finish it, not because it was hard to do, but because it needed time to mature. Building up the texture, adding different aspects until it felt just right. I put a lot of love in this work! 🙂    

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