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Go get’em Tiger!



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  • 30x30x4cm – 11x11x0,98inch
  • Oil over mixed media on linen
  • Original painting
  • Coated with gloss varnish
  • Equipped with a suspension system
  • Including Certificate of Authenticity
  • This price is excluding transport costs
A small scale painting of a tiger in my series ‘Stay Wild’. The neon colours and the graphic lines give this painting a playful pop-art feel! As you may know I have a deep love for African wildlife. Having witnessed them several times in their natural habitat during my travels to Kenya, South Africa and Tanzania has been a real life changer for me. This experience left me in awe and filled with gratitude, there really is nothing like it. Based on those feelings I have decided to do this series of wildlife called ‘Stay Wild’ with the intention of raising funds and creating more awareness for wildlife preservation. Through my art, I want to spread a feeling of hope and positivity, to do good for our beautiful wild animals so they can truly stay wild and live in their natural surroundings. 20% of all proceeds will be donated to Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and Mount Elgon Elephants Project in Kenya.

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