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Wildebeest Wonder



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  • 80x60x4cm -31x23x1,57inch
  • Oil over mixed media on canvas
  • Original painting
  • Coated with gloss varnish
  • Equipped with a suspension system
  • Including Certificate of Authenticity
In “Wildebeest Wonder,” vibrant layers of pink serve as a backdrop to a majestic wildebeest, its gaze locking onto the viewer with curiosity. Bold strokes of vibrant blue, framed by precise black lines, accentuate its presence against the vivid background. This mixed-media painting invites viewers on a visual journey into the heart of nature’s beauty and wonder. As you may know, I have a deep love for African wildlife. Having witnessed them several times in their natural habitat during my travels to Kenya, South Africa and Tanzania has been a real life changer. This experience left me in awe and filled with gratitude, there is nothing like it. Based on those feelings I have decided to do a new series of wildlife called ‘Stay Wild’ to create more awareness for wildlife preservation. Through my art, I want to spread hope and positivity, to do good for our beautiful wild animals so they can truly stay wild and live in their natural surroundings. 20% Of the proceeds of every painting in this series will be donated to Wildlife Trusts such as the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust for preserving Kenyan wildlife, there is still so much good we can do to save the wild!

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